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So I've got all kinds of cheesy slogans and advertisements for the comic, but I don't know where to put them. Maybe I should make some banners and find a rotating php script or something. PHP scares me, though. I don't know why it intimidates me so, but Jamie Bond attest that PHP gives me nightmares. It's so much less logical to me than HTML or Java.

Sorry the comic is up late. I was trying to figure some stuff out for the site. You see that big "***advertising***" tag at the top? That's supposed to somehow turn into one of keenspace's ads, which I'm required to have, but I can't make it all work. Don't be surprised if the site is down later while I'm trying to fix it.

The other reason it's late is I was experimenting with different programs. I recently got Flash MX and Fireworks MX, and I was trying to make stuff look cooler with those, but I have less than mastered either program. They're pretty spiffy, though. Especially flash. I might make a Nike and Nix animation some time for the fun of it.

Oh yeah, "Hi Amber! I hope you're reading this and having a great day so far."

One more thing, I'm extremely busy on Thursday and Friday, so I've comissioned my very first guest comic! It was looking pretty good when he showed me his ideas, so don't forget to check that out on Friday.

There is nothing more to say. You can go now.



Comic five. The closest I will ever come to "adult material".


I think I've said before that I intend for the comic to be "family-friendly". That said, today's comic was probably the one that made me laugh the most when I was thinking these up. I couldn't pass it up. By the way, arn't word balloons nifty? They solve a lot of problems. Number one being that I can put a simple background in without obscuring the text. Maybe if I stop being lazy I'll make real balloons instead of boxes, but the boxes will suffice for now.

Well, I'm planning now on a fairly regular schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday updates. So tell your friends and spread the word! Also, it'd be nice if more people started using the forums. I have a lust for power that can only be satisfied by nazi-like moderation, but in order to be opressive, I need people to oppress.

That's it for now. If you desire funny in excess of that which I provide, maybe you could hang out with a circus clown.



"I give you three comics in one day! Let's see Gabe and Tycho top that"


Yes it's true! Three more comics are up today! "It can't can't be done", you say? Well just ask my good friend, "Mr. McArchives" and he'll vouch for me. I am "hoping" to get number 5 up on Friday, but it may have to wait until Monday. I have a lot of work and homework this week, so we'll see. By the way, go populate the forums. The software looks pretty nifty. Thanks to "I Like Pie", a friend from the Real Life Comics Forums, for pointing me to it.

That's all for now. Don't expect the character or author pages to work yet. I'll get to them when I have the time.




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